Priddis View & Brew Bistro (PVB) is a quaint, licensed café & bistro in Priddis, Alberta. We’re located on the Cowboy Trail, known for its spectacular scenery.

My name is Lynne, and I opened PVB in 2009. The recipes are mine and the customers are loyal.

If I could describe the atmosphere, I’d say it’s warm – like the sun streaming through the stain-glass decor. It’s visually stimulating with local art and gifts. It smells like heaven – or my idea of heaven: fresh-baked muffins and turkey dinners.

Coming to PVB is like visiting an old friend in the country. I found a beautiful, historic house and transformed it into a 25-seat restaurant with two commercial kitchens. Luckily I’m also an interior designer and was able to create what I envisioned.

PVB is intimate. It’s a place to talk over a coffee or a beer, a dessert or a meal. Regulars read the newspaper and catch up with friends.

Around back of the bistro is a beautifully landscaped arbour, perfect for romantic moments or just a lovely spot to enjoy a coffee and dessert. Our large patio is available on sunny days. Weather changes here quickly, so bring a sweater, just in case.

Special Bookings
Aside from taking reservations to eat in PVB, we also accept bookings for special events, like birthdays, anniversaries, romantic dinners, corporate functions, and large family events. We’ve even had weddings here.

We cater to private events in the area.

Plan your visit by perusing the menu and making a reservation. If you are holding an event at PVB or ordering catering, ask me about creating a custom menu. If you have a sensitivity to an ingredient, please inform your server before ordering.

♥ My cooking style and recipes are worth the scenic drive, ride, or cycle to Priddis.

I look forward to seeing you.

If you’re from the area, then “Welcome Back.”

Lynne Norem