Hello again world!

Our former webhost emailed us last weekend and said that they had a hardware failure. We know stuff like this happens.

Imagine though if we left you in our restaurant for 4 days and you heard nothing, and no food. You can see food in the kitchen but for some reason, the food stays in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter that its a business, the food (our site) was not being served to customers (visitors).

You wouldn’t be happy. We’re not happy as our site disappeared completely and our host kind of left us high and dry. Our former host seemed unconcerned.

So, we have an opportunity to work with a new site, on a new host, using some pretty slick tech. We are moving on.

Stay tuned while it changes. Click on the links. Add your comments on the site.

For those that miss the old site, it is available here for a short period of time.