The Priddis View & Brew Bistro is a short 12 minute drive southwest of Calgary.

We get quite a few international travellers stopping by based on recommendations from their friends. We’re a favourite rest-stop for cyclists, trail riders and motorcyclists along Highways 22 and 22X.

Our street address is:
178067 Priddis Valley Road W. Priddis, Alberta

We are located on the Cowboy Trail, just south of Highway 22.

Phone: 403-931-3611

Fax: 403-931-0478



Reviews: If you have a positive experience at PVB, help spread the love by telling your friends and family. Like us on Facebook and leave a comment on our page. If something went wrong with your visit, please let us know offline.

We also have a guest book in the shop. Sign it when you visit.  🙂